Expedia goes virtual with Travel from Home

Expedia has launched an inspiring ‘Travel from Home’ series of virtual activities and experiences  to remind us of the excitingly diverse world we live in and offer inspiration for Kiwis planning their future holiday plans. Featuring an inspiring catalogue of virtual activities and experiences curated with Expedia Local Expert partners around the world, the ‘Travel from Home’ series brings together nature, cultural, educational and entertainment experiences for Aussies to continue relishing the joys of travel, from the comfort of their own home.

Findings from Expedia’s 2019 annual Vacation Deprivation Study which deep dived into the motivations and benefits of taking a holiday, revealed that the positive impact on mental wellbeing experienced by taking a holiday, can be achieved without the physical act of travelling. In fact, 92% of Kiwis say taking regular holidays is important for their general health and wellbeing, while 85% say holidays bring them closer to family and friends. This mindset and mood of positive effects is what Expedia has termed as being in a “Vacation State of Mind’.



Expedia’s ‘Travel from Home’ virtual experiences has your sense of adventure and travel-deprived curiosity covered, ready to refresh and re-ignite your ‘Vacation State of Mind’. Enjoy the very best that online travel has to offer, from virtual museum tours to intriguing new skills to learn and ‘live’ guided visits by locals in the know, exploring the must-see sights, places and faces of the world’s most dynamic cities.

Here are four ways to explore the world with Expedia’s ‘Travel from Home’ virtual tour series:

Cook-up a Storm

Aspiring cooks will discover a veritable menu of culinary experiences to tantalize the senses, as both seasoned chefs and local home-cooks inspire and encourage you to embrace their own distinct culinary culture. Learn the secrets of pasta like ‘mama’ used to make, perfect the original Italian Tiramisu, or transport yourself to the streets of Barcelona and meet Natalia and her family as they teach you the secret to delicious Spanish tapas.



Keep the family entertained

Whether young or old, enjoy being educated and entertained with a virtual world of cultural experiences for the whole family to do. Enthuse the kids with new adventures with immersive storytelling from the heart of Paris, or buckle in as a family and take a virtual drive through the streets of Berlin. Turn it up a notch and test your musical knowledge with a live concert and music quiz or dance through the home with interactive dance lessons from Greece.

Take a Trip back in Time

Step back in time and retrace the moments and monuments from around the world. Take a virtual tour from ancient Rome’s gladiatorial glory, relive the tragedy of Pompeii or simply marvel at the architectural wonders of classical Greece, the pomp of the Palace of Versailles and majesty of the Papal City.



Explore the Arts

Culture vultures can immerse themselves in a worldly wealth of arts and architecture, with online virtual visits to the world’s architectural marvels and appreciate art-historian guided tours around many of the world-acclaimed international galleries.

With comprehensive recommendations and links to a wealth of virtual tours, guides and stimulating activities, top-up your Vacation State of Mind at https://www.expedia.co.nz/lp/things-to-do-from-home.


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