lifts the lid on Kiwis’ travel wish lists

Fresh data from has shown that while we’ve been unable to travel, many Kiwis are still eagerly dreaming and planning their next trip once it is deemed safe to do so. This brand new data reveals the “travel wishlists” of Kiwis as we look ahead to what’s possible.

Top 10 country destinations wish-listed by Kiwis: New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, United States of America, Thailand, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Greece and Vietnam.

Kiwis are evidently eager to travel their own background before anywhere else, giving confidence to the New Zealand tourism industry that they will be supported following the switch to Level 2.



Local destinations: The most popular local destination that Kiwis want to visit is the Auckland region, as Kiwis popped the City of Sails to the top of their list – this could show that those in NZ’s largest city are seeking a staycation.

Also at the top of the list are Queenstown in second place, and Wellington in third place, showing people are eager to travel to central hubs in order to visit family. With Queenstown in the #2 spot, it’s clear that Kiwis are eager to support NZ’s tourism capital.



International destinations: Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney top the “wishlist” of international destinations, showing that travel within the Trans-Tasman bubble is a popular concept with Kiwis.


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