Cover-More Travel Insurance releases cover for Covid-19 for Kiwi travellers

Cover-More Travel Insurance, one of New Zealand’s leading travel insurance providers, has just launched new benefits that provide cover for COVID-19 effective to Kiwi travellers when they travel in New Zealand or to Australia. The new COVID-19 benefits include medical cover for a traveller or their companion contracting COVID-19, essential healthcare workers whose leave is revoked due to COVID-19, and cover for cancellation or additional expenses if prepaid accommodation is shutdown.



Cover-More New Zealand’s General Manager, Distribution, Will Ashcroft says: “We are obviously thrilled to bring this new level of protection for COVID-19 to Kiwi travellers. While many Kiwis have already embraced domestic travel, we know there is significant pent-up demand for domestic and Trans-Tasman travel.

“We’ve built these products so they provide our customers with the certainty they need to plan their domestic and trans-Tasman travel so that they don’t need to miss out on meeting their new grandchild, going to a relative’s wedding, visiting family and friends, or simply exploring the wonders of our beautiful countries.”



Cover-More’s new benefits are available under their single trip policies, offering the following cover for COVID-19. You get COVID-19 or you’re placed into quarantine due to contact with someone who has COVID-19 and you cannot travel. If your travel companion gets COVID-19 or is placed into quarantine and you no longer wish to travel. A non-travelling relative or business partner gets COVID-19, and you need to amend or cancel your trip. Cover for $250 per night if the person you were planning on staying with gets COVID-19 or they are placed into quarantine. Amendment or cancellation cover for essential healthcare workers e.g. doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics or other health care professionals whose leave is revoked due to COVID-19.



Cover for cancellation or new accommodation expenses if your pre-paid accommodation is shut down for cleaning. Cancellation costs if your prepaid holiday activities are closed down. Will Ashcroft says, “As a company, we have also spent this time innovating our core product benefits so that our customers receive the cover they need.”

Kiwis can get Cover-More’s new policies for COVID-19 at or through all their agents, brokers and business partners.


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