Expedia’s guide to restarting your holiday high

As New Zealand embraces the new normal of post-pandemic life, and international travel continues to remain on hold, Kiwis are left grappling with the void of overseas leisure travel, leading to holiday deprivation. In fact, even pre-pandemic, Expedia’s annual 2019 Vacation Deprivation study, which dives into trends and attitudes around annual leave, revealed deprivation levels were on the rise in New Zealand.



The most alarming insight the report found, is millennial parents appear to be suffering the most, far exceeding the national norm with 73% stating they feel very, or somewhat vacation deprived, compared to the nation’s 55% (up from 52% in the previous year).Although Kiwis are feeling vacation deprived, a high percentage of respondents recognise and understand the personal and professional benefits of taking a holiday.



These positive effects foster a positive mindset that Expedia calls a Vacation State of Mind, and it extends far beyond the trip itself. While there is uncertainty about when Kiwis can travel abroad again, Expedia’s study uncovers methods that can help evoke a Vacation State of Mind:

  1. Talk to friends and family about a holiday memory (81%)
  2. Look at photos and videos from past holidays (79%)
  3. Dig out souvenirs you bought on holiday and use them (65%)
  4. Start planning the next holiday (59%)
  5. Listen to music that reminds you of the holiday (53%)
  6. Cook the local cuisine or a meal from a favourite destination (48%)

To help families tap into their Vacation State of Mind anytime, anywhere, Expedia has launched a new downloadable adventure travel journal. Inspiring wanderlust, the Expedia Explorers Journals are full of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.



From reminiscing about past trips, to learning about new destinations, the journals are full of creative prompts to seed curiosity, inspire conversations, and encourage self-expression. Download the Expedia Explorer Journal here: https://blog.expedia.co.nz/expedia-explorers/


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