Luxury hotel stays at a snip

Are you keen to stake out five-star treats at sharply priced rates? Aspirational Kiwis nabbed five-star accommodation close to home in 2018, with the Hotel Price Index revealing Southeast Asia and Australia among destinations offering some of the best bang-for-your-buck accommodation prices in 2018.



Top-of-the-range luxury was enjoyed for far less in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which came out on top as the best-value destination among those analysed for five-star accommodation across the globe. The average price paid* for a five-star hotel room in Kuala Lumpur in 2018 was $149 per night, with Brisbane hot on its heels at $191, Perth at $194 and Hanoi at $201 in the list of lowest five-star prices paid for Kiwi travellers in 2018. For those seeking extra extravagance further afield, Buenos Aires rounded out the list, at $228 for a night in five-star digs.
Kiwis willing to drop a star rating managed to still grab first class deals for under an average of $150 per night, with four-star accommodations in Bali ($128), Bangkok ($113), Brisbane ($140) and Ho Chi Mihn City ($122) promising bargains all round.



Barcelona in Spain saw the biggest average price decrease for Kiwis looking for a five-star deal, recording a whopping 13% drop in accommodation prices between 2017 and 2018, from $398 to $348. Brisbane (-9%), Sydney (-3%) and Kyoto (-3%) also dropped in 2018, giving starry-eyed Kiwis four-star accommodation for a thrifty $140, $211 and $235 respectively.



The Hotel Price Index is a trusty tool for travellers seeking luxury on a lemonade budget. Great deals could be found in both far-flung and exotic destinations, while those looking for something closer to home have a plethora of luxury comfort offerings.
The latest HPI also revealed that Rome, Italy took out the top city in the world among those analysed where Kiwis paid the most for five-star accommodation in 2018, at an eyewatering $631 per night. Rarotonga ($627), Tokyo ($562) and London ($550) came in second, third and fourth place respectively.



Destinations where Kiwis paid the least per night for five-star accommodation in 2018:
Kuala Lumpur $149, Brisbane $191, Perth $194, Christchurch $194, Hanoi $201, Bangkok $201, Cairns $218, Te Anau $224, Dunedin $227 and Buenos Aires $228.


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